The family of the Sadat and Hindi Exchange Company, represented by Messrs. Abdul Ghani Al Sadat and Hussam Al Hindi and its employees, extend their highest congratulations to His Majesty King Abdullah II on the occasion of his safe return to the homeland from Germany after undergoing a successful surgery.

The family of the company wishes His Majesty good health and wellness, praying to God Almighty to preserve His Majesty an asset for the homeland and the Arab and Islamic nations, and to bless His Majesty with a long life, and for His Majesty to remain the anchor that anchors the homeland to the safety shore, as His Majesty is the only leader who has been able to preserve the homeland His safety and stability in light of the difficult circumstances that the nation and the whole world have experienced in recent years.

May God prolong your life, our master, and keep you an asset for us, and thank God for your safety.