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Al Sadat & Hindi Exchange

An ISO 10004:2012 ;9001:2015 Certified Exchange

Submitting Complaints

We at Sadat and Al-Hindi Exchange Company always welcome the complaints of our valued customers, and we promise them to deal with complaints with the utmost confidentiality and transparency and taking appropriate measures in order to achieve your satisfaction and continue to provide the best.

You can communicate with customer service (the unit specialized in receiving and handling complaints) through any of the following means that suit you:

–  Calling the Complaints Officer at 065811824

–  Filling out the complaints form at the branch and place it in the complaints box.

–  Email it to

–  Filling in the electronic form through the link on the company’s website. Click here

–  Through our accounts on social media platforms

Note that we will study the complaint and communicate with you to inform you of the procedures that will be taken to solve the problem within ten working days from the receiving date.

If you are not satisfied with our procedure you can contact the Central Bank through the following means:

–  The website of the Central Bank of Jordan    

–  Calling 06-4630301

–  Sending an email to

–  Visiting the Central Bank of Jordan building or any of its branches in Irbid and Aqaba.

* Note that the company does not charge any commissions or fees for complaints submitted by its customers*.

To view the financial consumer protection instructions for payment and electronic transfer companies, please click on the following link

To review the financial consumer protection instructions for clients of licensed exchange companies, please click on the following link

To review the internal procedures instructions for dealing with customer complaints from financial and banking service providers, please click on the following link

We thank you and appreciate your dealings with us

Clients Testimonials

" خدماتكم وأسلوبكم ومعاملتكم وأسعاركم في قمة الذوق والروعة والأناقة ومميزين عن غيركم.. أنتم أهل الأصل والكرم"

" شكراً للأخ ابو عبدالله والزملاء في فرع جبل النصر، تعامل راقي جداً"

" كل التحية والتقدير والاحترام لتكونو قدوة للجميع، أنتم للذوق عنوان، وان شاء الله من تألق لتألق"

" ع طول اسمكم المتميز وعنوانكم هو الأول، تعاملكم هو رمز الاحترام لكل من زار. أمنيتي لكم بالتوفيق ان شاء الله "

" انتم الأفضل والأروع، ثقتي بكم كبيرة ومتميزين دايماً، رائعين بمعنى الكلمة، إبداعاتكم الى الأمام "

" ألف شكر لصفحتكم الرائعة، خدماتكم وأسلةبكم ومعاملتكم وأسعاركم في قمة الذوق والروعة والأناقة، ومميزين عن غيركم، انتم أهل الاصل والكرم "