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High Quality

We strive to provide service by ensuring accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction, in every transaction. You can rely on our expertise to handle your currency exchange requirements with the level of care and professionalism.

Creative Team

Our team brings together a mix of visionary minds dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach currency exchange. With a passion, for pushing boundaries they consistently develop solutions tailored to meet your needs in currency exchange.

Amazing Results

At Al Sadat & Hindi Exchange we strive to go beyond ordinary. "Amazing" is not a word we use. Our dedication to providing an exchange experience is what makes us stand out from the rest. Our impressive track record speaks for itself as we consistently achieve results in every transaction. With an precise approach we are dedicated, to delivering outcomes.

Best Pricing

We take pride in offering you the most competitive rates for currency exchange. Our commitment to transparency and fairness means that you'll always receive the best value for your money.


At our company we have an innovative approach, to currency exchange that aims to revolutionize your experience. Our team is passionate, about using the technology and their creative minds to bring you new solutions that make your exchange process easier and more enjoyable.

Availability throughout the whole week

We know that there might be occasions when you need to exchange currency at any given time. That's why our dedicated team is here, for you around the week. Whether it’s during the day, at night, on the weekends or even holidays. We are committed to assisting you. With Sadat & Hindi Exchange you can rely on us to provide efficient support whenever you need it. Your convenience is our priority. Our services are available during the whole week so that you can manage your currency exchanges without any limitations.

About Us

Al-Sadat and Hindi Exchange Company: Leading the Way in Jordan

Welcome to Al-Sadat and Hindi Exchange Company, a renowned establishment at the forefront of financial services in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. With a nearly two-decades-long track record, our company has established itself as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Money Transfer

Rely on the trusted services of Western Union for secure and convenient global fund transfers.

Bank Transfer

Effortlessly move your funds between bank accounts, ensuring secure and efficient financial management.

Electronic Transfer

Experience seamless and instant electronic fund transfers, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

Money Exchange

Access our expert currency exchange services for reliable and competitive rates when converting currencies.

Start your smooth financial journey with Sadat and Hindi Exchange, your reliable currency solution partner. Improve your financial transactions with our proficiency and dedication to quality. To best serve your specific needs, we kindly encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our experienced staff. We will discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide tailored advice to improve your currency exchange experience during the session. We at Sadat and Hindi Exchange place a high value on openness, effectiveness, and customer happiness. Make an appointment for your free consultation right now to explore a world of trustworthy financial services that are customized for you.


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Clients Testimonials

" خدماتكم وأسلوبكم ومعاملتكم وأسعاركم في قمة الذوق والروعة والأناقة ومميزين عن غيركم.. أنتم أهل الأصل والكرم"

" شكراً للأخ ابو عبدالله والزملاء في فرع جبل النصر، تعامل راقي جداً"

" كل التحية والتقدير والاحترام لتكونو قدوة للجميع، أنتم للذوق عنوان، وان شاء الله من تألق لتألق"

" ع طول اسمكم المتميز وعنوانكم هو الأول، تعاملكم هو رمز الاحترام لكل من زار. أمنيتي لكم بالتوفيق ان شاء الله "

" انتم الأفضل والأروع، ثقتي بكم كبيرة ومتميزين دايماً، رائعين بمعنى الكلمة، إبداعاتكم الى الأمام "

" ألف شكر لصفحتكم الرائعة، خدماتكم وأسلةبكم ومعاملتكم وأسعاركم في قمة الذوق والروعة والأناقة، ومميزين عن غيركم، انتم أهل الاصل والكرم "

Money Transfer

Bank Transfer

Electronic payment system


New Branch


Exciting news! Sadat and Hindi Exchange is delighted to announce the opening of their new branch in Al-Yadudah. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing convenient access to our exceptional currency exchange services. Our Al-Yadudah branch is ready to serve you with the same dedication to transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction that defines our brand.